Highlights About Baton Rouge, LA 


The city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the capital of the state and home to over 230,000 citizens. Boasting the tallest State Capitol building in the United States, the affairs of state government offer many jobs and opportunities to people of the area.  Baton Rouge is within the parish of East Baton Rouge that has a population of 425,000 and a combined city-parish form of government.  Unlike the rest of the U.S., Louisiana has parishes rather than counties.  Louisiana was founded by the French as an expressly Catholic colony, and while people of other faiths eventually arrived, divisions of the French church parishes remained as state parishes. Many parishes are named after saints and religious feast days.

Baton Rouge is home to Louisiana State University.  Originally the school was an Agricultural College, but today degrees in every major field of study are offered.  LSU is home of the Fighting Tigers and has a following matched by none!  And the university is one of only a few schools that has a live mascot. For over 60 years, the university has had a live Tiger on campus.  With several championship teams in both baseball and football, away games often become family vacations and home games are always packed.  And “Death Valley” (the football stadium) holds 100,000! 

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Indigenous peoples occupied the area as long as 10,000 years ago. French explorer Sieur d'Iberville sailed up the Mississippi and arrived in the area in 1699. His expedition named the area Baton Rouge, which means "red stick" in French.  As they passed a high ridge near the existing city, a bare cypress tree that looked more like a giant stick came into view.  This "stick" was “red” from the blood of animal hides hung there to mark the separation between 2 local Native American tribes' hunting grounds. Thus the name.  Since then Baton Rouge has been controlled at various times by France, Great Britain, Spain, and the Republic of Florida before ratification of the state. The city of Baton Rouge was incorporated in 1817, and it became the state capital in 1849.

Commerce and Industry

Baton Rouge’s location on the Mississippi River has afforded the area a wealth of commerce and industry.  The Port of Greater Baton Rouge is among the ten most substantial ports in the country and is the largest inland deepwater port in the world.  Large ships are able to navigate from around the globe to Baton Rouge.  As well, many large plants, distribution centers and industry are drawn to the area due to Baton Rouge’s location on the river.


Parks and Recreation 

BREC (Parks & Recreation in East Baton Rouge Parish) has many local parks in the city of Baton Rouge and some include tennis courts and activities for kids.    A large area that meanders around the LSU Lakes, City Park and beautiful older neighborhoods is a favorite spot for waterfront fishing, hiking or bike riding along designated paths. Local residents and students come here to enjoy the scenery and escape the hustle and bustle of daily urban life. The lakes are home to large flocks of ducks, geese, and other waterfowl. Webb Park is a favorite golf course located amid beautiful older neighborhoods off College Drive.

Attractions and Activities

Downtown Baton Rouge, especially 3rd Street, has lots of restaurants and pubs and there is always something going on - from street music and a farmers market to Mardi Gras parades and Live at Five bands. The Baton Rouge Zoo in North Baton Rouge is home to over a thousand animals.  Blue Bayou Water Park is a summer favotire with its water features and giant slides.  Adjacent Dixie Landing amusement park has over 29 rides. At Gasoline Alley in this park, kids can drive their parents around in Model T cars or maneuver a crop duster bi-plane that is capable of moving up and down. 


Baton Rouge cultivates a lively arts and entertainment scene. The Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra has performed for over six decades, and it stages over 50 concerts every year. Theatrical performances are staged at Manship Theatre and Baton Rouge Little Theater. The Nutcracker is a major performance of the classic favorite with a unique twist, as it is set in 19th century Louisiana.  The production includes a live orchestra and over 300 local children.

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Real Estate in Baton Rouge

A potential Baton Rouge home buyer will find a very diverse mix of homes for sale in the city.  From New Subdivisions; to pockets of Newer Homes within older neighborhoods; to Renovated Bungalows; to Vintage Homes on oak-lined streets (photo above); to Luxury Estates and everything in between.  No matter your housing needs … you will find the perfect place to call home.

CALL SUSAN – as a lifelong resident and 38-year Realtor in the area, I am able to help you sort through the numerous homes for sale to find your perfect abode.