Brusly and Addis in West Baton Rouge Parish

Brusly and Addis are towns adjacent to each other in the southern part of West Baton Rouge parish that are bounded on the east by the Mississippi River.  The major thoroughfare through the communities is LA 1.  Along this corridor there are many restaurants, medical facilities, shops and stores serving area residents.  And, with Baton Rouge just over the bridge, major purchases are easily attainable as well.  The locations of Brusly and Addis provide hometown comfort near a major city.


History of Brusly and Addis
Many Acadian people exiled from Nova Scotia settled in the areas that are now Brusly and Addis in the mid to late 1700's and the French names, cuisine and music of these early settlers is still prevalent today. Some of the “older generation” actually still speak fluent French. The home in the photo above was originally in Brusly and was moved to the museum in Port Allen.  It is a perfect example of the Acadian cottages that were built by the families who called the area home.  The lands of both Brusly and Addis began early on as Spanish land grants that were developed by these French inhabitants and sugar cane was the main crop grown.   

Brusly Historic Marker.jpg

Brusly is the oldest settlement in WBR Parish and early on was called "Brusly Landing", as it was a major stopping point for steamboats on the Mississippi. In 1807 it was formed as a railroad stop and incorporated as the Village of Brusly Landing in 1901. Cinclare Mill, now closed, was a “cane grinding” mill and the major business of Brusly for years.

The community known as Addis “was born” in 1882 when the Texas & Pacific Railroad brought part of the transcontinental railroad through the middle of the area.  The town adopted their name after one of the early officers of the railroad company. Addis is still a major and active train terminal today.  In 1915 the community was incorporated as The Village of Addis.

Brusly and Addis Parks and Recreation
Outdoor amenities include baseball diamonds, volleyball courts and hiking trails. There are a wide range of ball teams for kids and a full-facility YMCA is located in Addis.  More info can be found on the West Baton Rouge Parks and Recreation Department site on this website.

Brusly and Addis Local Events
Both communities have various Mardi Gras parades every year.  St. John the Baptist church hosts a giant picnic each year called "Feast on the Levee". The West Baton Rouge Museum in Port Allen has ever-changing displays during the year and monthly lectures and book signings. However, the museum’s big event is hosting the annual "Sugar Fest" with local musicians, displays all about sugar cane, food, rides for the kids and lots of sweets!.  Full event calendars and more details are posted on the  West Baton Rouge Events page on this website.


Real Estate
A fast-growing market, the last 15 years in both Brusly and Addis have brought constant new construction and subdivisions.  This makes for a lot of properties on the market in the new to newer homes.  Sugar Mill in Addis is the largest of these and there are still new filings being added.  The prices there start at $235,000.  And, there are neighborhoods that were developed in the past 30 years that have larger homes starting in the $400,000 price range up to luxury estate homes on the River Road.  There are also resales of the older cottage and bungalow homes, which are often renovated.  From the first home to the most discriminating buyer … there is sure to be a home that fits your needs.

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