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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is the capital of the state and home to over 230,000 citizens. The population of the greater Baton Rouge area exceeds 800,000. Louisiana State University is located here. The deep water port facilities in the area are among the most substantial in the country. 


Indigenous people occupied the area as long as 10,000 years ago. French explorer Sieur d'Iberville arrived in the area in 1699. His expedition named the area Baton Rouge, which means "red stick." Baton Rouge was subsequently the site of a military outpost constructed by the French in 1719. Since then, Baton Rouge has been controlled at various times by France, Great Britain, Spain, Louisiana, the Republic of Florida, the Confederate States and the U.S. Baton Rouge was incorporated in 1817, and it became the state capital in 1849. 

homes for sale Baton Rouge, LAParks and Recreation 

The Baton Rouge Beach is a highly rated city park located by the LSU University Lakes. The park offers waterfront areas as well as a variety of hiking trails. Many come here to enjoy the scenery and to escape the hustle and bustle of daily urban life. The lakes attract good numbers of ducks, geese and other waterfowl. 

The Baton Rouge Zoo is home to almost 1,000 animals. Train rides and tram rides add to the enjoyment of the zoo. New and upgraded exhibits are added on a regular basis.

buy a home Baton Rouge, LAAttractions and Activities 

Baton Rouge is the home of the Blue Bayou Water Park. There are more than 20 water-based attractions at the water park, including High Water Slide, a serpentine thriller that starts out seven stories up. On 80 acres next to the water park is Dixie Landin' Amusement Park with its 29 rides. At Gasoline Alley, kids can drive their parents around in Model T cars. They can also board the Delta Crop Duster, a bi-plane that is capable of moving up and down. 


Baton Rouge cultivates a lively arts and entertainment scene. The Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra has performed for over six decades, and it stages over 60 concerts every year. Theatrical performances are staged at the Baton Rouge Little Theater. The Nutcracker is a major performance of the classic uniquely set in 19th century Louisiana that includes a live orchestra and over 300 local children. 

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